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Into the mind of the
American voter

A uniquely personal research approach pulls back the curtain on how key U.S. voting blocs are thinking.

Our purpose

If our victories in the White House, Senate and House of Representatives in 2020 gave us something the celebrate, the narrowness of our success also gave us pause. To prepare for 2022 and beyond, we knew we had to invest in truly understanding the voters who make up the margins.

Through research techniques unusual in the political sphere, we’re digging in deep with independents and other critical constituencies. Americans are telling us, in their own words, how they view the world, what they want, and what drives their decision-making around voting—and this time, we’re listening.

View the reports below to hear directly from voters and see what we learned.

palm trees

WTF Florida?!

A look into what gives in the Sunshine State.

welcome to pennsylvania sign

Pursuing Pennsylvania

A look into what gives in the Keystone State.

Photo of Americans Raising Flag Iwo Jima

The Tipping Point

A deep look into the minds of Christians who flipped from Trump to Biden.

waving american flag

Winning the Future

Research into the unconscious mind of voters.


The Truth Study

A deep look into what’s below the surface.

Our methodology

Get more information about our distinctive research techniques.

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